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Patricia Puddle has many children's stories in her head, and so far, has published four children's books - Star-Crossed Rascals, Rascals Sing at The Opera HouseVelvet Ball and The Broken Fairy, and Molly Gumnut Rescues a Bandicoot. Patricia is writing the sequels to Molly Gumnut and also Velvet Ball. She's also writing her first Young Adult book, which should be available this year. All her books come as Paerbacks as well as eBooks.

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Paperback - Velvet      Paperback - Star-Crossed Rascals + eBook


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Rascals Sing at The opera House

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The main character in Patricia's Rascals series - Star-Crossed Rascals & Rascals Sing at The Opera House was inspired by her antics as a mischievous seven-year-old. She wasn't aware back then that she was acting out scenes for her future as a children's author. Also she wasn't aware that her doodling in class instead of paying attention to her lessons would lead her to illustrating her own children's books. Patricia wished she has paid attention at school though because if she had, she'd have many more published books by now. Patricia left school at fourteen and didn't learn to write properly until in her early fifties.


One day at school Patricia decided that the linen hand-towel hanging from the metal container in the girls' bathroom looked like a great place for a tiny seven-year-old to have a swing. Once inside the loop of the towel, she lifted her legs off the ground and began swinging to and fro, all the while giggling with her best friend. Trouble was, the metal container broke from the wall and came crashing to the ground with Patricia still inside the towel. Rubbing her sore head, she stared in horror at the piles of rubble spread all over the tiled floor. And when she looked up, she was shocked to see a huge hole in the concrete wall. No way would a little rascal like her hang around to get into trouble. She grabbed her friend's hand and they bolted out the door and fled to the playground. Lucky for Patricia, the teachers must've thought the towel box fell out by itself because she never got caught for that one.

childrens-books-author-patricia-puddleAnother day, Patricia was kept in at playtime for running the headmistress off the footpath with a speeding bicycle. Patricia didn't think that was very fair, after all, it was her friend who was whizzing down the hill on the bike, not her ? she'd only been sitting in the basket attached to the handlebars. Plus, they hadn't meant to knock the headmistress onto the road, or cause her to drop her groceries, it wasn't there fault her apples rolled down the hill and her eggs smashed onto the gravel. After all, she could've moved out the way, couldn't she? The headmistress bellowed at the two rascals when they didn't even bother to help her up. They couldn't help it, they were too busy giggling. The headmistress looked too funny when she fell on her bum, plus they'd never seen a nun's bloomers before.


Patricia's illustrations of 'Star-Crossed Rascals'



Patricia's Illustrations from: Rascals Sing at The Opera House.


Though Patricia's children’s books are often inspired by her childhood memories, and the many animals around her, she also gets ideas from weird toys she finds in quaint opportunity shops. Patricia also has two new inspirations to her quest as a  children’s books author, her two beautiful grandchildren. 

When Patricia found a weird-looking fairy doll in an opportunity shop, It inspired her to write her children’s book - Velvet Ball and The Broken Fairy. Of course she had to come up with a character so the fairy could grant a wish. Knowing many children get bullied at school for being different, Patricia came up with Velvet Ball, a nine-year-old girl with alopecia. She wanted to pull at the heart strings of the readers, but also make them laugh, so she added as much humour to this children’s story as she could by adding the disfunctional fairy called Roseberry


Molly Gumnut Rescues a Baby Bandicoot was inspired by a baby bandicoot Patricia cared for after he was attacked by a cat. Patricia fell in love with the long-nosed critter and named him Furble, then she took many photos of him and also filmed him. But if you want to know what happened to him, you’ll have to read the book.



Patricia is writing more children's books and will be adding updates of their publications. You can also find Patricia on her Blog. Just click: Here


Australian Childrens Book and eBook Author Patricia Puddle




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